The following Tom Olin Collection fee structure is based on exact use. The guidelines below are for general pricing information. An exact price will be quoted based on information supplied.

Determining Value

Before discussing licensing and pricing, we ask you to consider and verify use. Below are a number of determinants used for pricing. Please review.

  • Is/Are the image(s) going to be used for personal use, organizational use, commercial use, or academic use?
  • Is/Are the image(s) going to be used 1) electronically (online website historical image, logo, advertisement), 2) as an image in a printed periodical magazine or book, 3) printed and hung (as in a gallery), or 4) as part of a larger, unique art installation (wall mural, art piece)?
  • If electronic, is it a one time use (daily blog, news article), or part of something permanent (supporting an educational or historic/museum entry, or video)?
  • If used in print, is this a stand alone piece (as part of an awareness campaign postcard, advertisement), or as an image in a periodical or book (supporting an article, as part of an advertisement). If so, what it the print run? How many people do you expect to touch?
  • If used as a print, what are the planned dimensions of the finished piece(s)? How many prints? Is/are the image(s) going to hang permanently or temporarily (for a determined period of time)?

Regardless of use, all images must be accompanied by this copyright/byline:

Used by permission. © Tom Olin – Tom Olin Collection.

The photographer recognizes the collection offers unique and historic imagery. Pricing includes this understanding.

Pricing Structure

Special Project – (art installations, wall murals, etc.)

Pricing determined per use.

Large Images – (Print Quality: 11 x 14 and larger)

Single – $475 per download
5 Pack – $1,875 $375 per download
10 Pack – $3,000 $300 per download

Medium Images – (Print Quality: 5 x 7, 8 x 10)

Single – $275 per download
5 Pack – $1,125 $225 per download
10 Pack – $2,000 $200 per download

Small Images – (Video Resolution: 300dpi, Online Resolution: 72dpi)

Single – $125 per download
5 Pack – $500 $100 per download
10 Pack – $750 $75 per download

These prices reflect the licensing of Tom’s images ONLY. These prices do not include the creation of the artwork, if any: the framed photo, the stretched canvas, the wall mural, etc. To expedite your project and save shipping and insurance on your end, we typically work with quality print houses in your area to bring your project to fruition. If you don’t already have one you know and trust, we are happy to work with you to find a printer, and work with that printer to provide the correct image for the project.

To discuss your vision and project, please contact us.